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New to OneLedger?

OneLedger is a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) blockchain Layer-1 solution based on Tendermint with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) but with a different mechanics for re-play, double-spent protection and other security optimisation. So on the OneLedger side it is called OLVM. Also OneLedger could scale to Layer-2 solution to give a more TPS and use in custom needs.

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Syndicate bridge is a scaling solution for connection between EVM chains with own DEX. Regarding to an existing solution for the bridge side, where the speed is slow and extremly higher gas costs for it executions, we are did another approach, based on SAO and witnesses for process and verify for fraud the bridge transactions on in according to safe confirmation time. Thats why we are called a Syndicate bridge.

Deploy Smart Contracts

Types of Interaction on Syndicate bridge