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GCP Validator Deployment


At least 0.5 Million OLT required for validator set up


Remeber to store a password in secret place!!!


Create an account in Google Cloud Platform by clicking here

GCP Marketplace Image

  1. Run a node on Google Cloud Marketplace now by clicking here.

  2. Click on Launch and deploy OneLedger Mainnet Fullnode.

* Choose the name from your OneLedger instance 
* Choose a machine type with suggested configurations
* You can choose a zone which costs you less money and keep all other fields set to default values
* Click Deploy

  1. Now you are up and running. Click on SSH to run your node.

  1. You will be opened with a terminal, To Check Fullnode status run below commands.

    Go to data directory: cd $OLDATA

    Initialize Fullnode: sudo /usr/local/bin/fullnodeStartup

    Run: sudo olfullnode status

    the result should be similar to below:

    2020/12/14 20:05:31 Profiling listen to: [::]:41721
    RPC Port: 26604 on βœ“
    P2P Port: 26605 on βœ“
    SDK Port: 26606 on βœ“
    βœ“ Looks all good βœ“
  2. Validate node status

  • Go to Mainnet explorer, check out the current block height.

  • Use sudo olclient validatorset command to see the block height showing on this node.

The node will take some time to catch up to Mainnet current height, wait until two heights are same or with only 1~2 block difference


Make sure these two heights are same or with only 1~2 block difference before you send Mainnet OLT token to any account on this node!

  1. After node is completely sync up with Mainnet current height, please run below commands to setup logrotation. This logrotation prevents your consensus log file growing size and free up your disk space.
cd $OLDATA && sudo wget && sudo chmod +x $OLDATA/ && sudo $OLDATA/ && sudo rm $OLDATA/
cd $OLDATA && sudo wget && sudo chmod +x $OLDATA/ && sudo $OLDATA/

Congratulations! You have successfully deployed Fullnode, Now lets become Validator.


  1. Create an account in the secure wallet

    olclient account add --name your_preferred_name_for_memorisation

    (Note: It will prompt for password please enter)

  2. Run this command to get your node secure wallet stake address

    olclient list

  3. Send at least 0.5 Million OLT to this account

  • You can use Chrome OneWallet extension to do this if the account you are sending from is in OneWallet;

  • You can use Chrome MetaMask extension to do this if the account you are sending from is in MetaMask;

  1. Apply staking command to become a validator

    olclient delegation stake --amount 500000 --address REPLACE_YOUR_STAKEADDRESS_HERE_WITHOUT_0lt_PREFIX

  2. Congratulations! Now you became a validator, you could check the status by this command

    olclient delegation status --address REPLACE_YOUR_STAKEADDRESS_HERE_WITHOUT_0lt_PREFIX

Rewards management

  • To Check reward information for a specific validator

    olclient call query.GetTotalRewardsForValidator {\"validator\":\"REPLACE_YOUR_ADDRESS_HERE_WITHOUT_0lt_PREFIX\"}

    it will print the info about pending, mature and withdrawn amount

    "address": "0lt0000000000000000000000000000000000000000",
    "matureBalance": "0",
    "pendingAmount": "2007145201754290708513",
    "totalAmount": "2007145201754290708513",
    "withdrawnAmount": "0"
  • Once you see no-zero "matureBalance" in above reward information, you are able to withdraw rewards

    olclient rewards withdraw --amount XXX --address REPLACE_YOUR_STAKEADDRESS_HERE_WITHOUT_0lt_PREFIX

  • After you withdraw rewards check the increased balance in validator stake address

    olclient balance --address REPLACE_YOUR_STAKEADDRESS_HERE_WITHOUT_0lt_PREFIX

Unstaking and validator purge

  • To unstake your OLT (Note: If you unstake and validator is less than 0.5 Million you will no longer be a validator)

    olclient delegation unstake --amount XXX --address REPLACE_YOUR_STAKEADDRESS_HERE_WITHOUT_0lt_PREFIX

  • After unstake check your status

    olclient delegation status --address REPLACE_YOUR_STAKEADDRESS_HERE_WITHOUT_0lt_PREFIX

    When we unstake, there is a period of time referred to as β€œmaturity time”. One can only withdraw the unstaked amount after this maturity time, since the unstake transaction. This maturity time is 80000 blocks, roughly ~two weeks.


In case of permission denied during olclient commands use sudo at the beginning