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How to add liquidity to ELP

In order to participate in ELP liquidity should be added to the DEX. In this quick tutorial will be showed step by step how to provide it to UniSwap with sOLT-USDT pair.


  1. Add V2 liquidity on UniSwap with sOLT and USDT tokens

    sOLT -

    USDT -

    or just click here to redirect on required page

  2. Go to ELP and connect to MetaMask

  3. After this you will see this page

  4. Click on MAX button to specify a UNI LP tokens to start in Liquidity Rewards Program

  5. In order to add a liquidity on rewards program (or on the smart contract so called stake), we should allow our funds to do this by clicking approve

  6. So we have required collected aproved signatures, and we could make a stake by clicking on deposit button

  7. After this metamask will ask to confirm a stake transaction in order to participate in ELP

  8. Awaiting a transaction to be confirmed

  9. Success! you will see the after 15-30 sec your first rewards on ELP page

  10. In order to collect the harvest, you could click on claim button at the image above