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Transfer OLT between Accounts

This Document guides you on how to transfer OLT between Onewallet and Metamask.

OneWallet to Metamask


No Onewallet, Configure it here

  1. Login to your Onewallet -> Click on Send option on left panel.

  2. Fill all your details and paste your "Metamask Address" in To section.

  1. click on Send to make the transaction.

Metamask to Onewallet


No Metamask, Configure it here

  1. Login to Metamask and select Oneledger Mainnet account. (To configure Oneledger Mainnet on Metamask click here)

  2. Go to Onewallet and copy your 0x address.

  1. Now click on Send in your metamask and paste your Onewallet 0x address.

  1. Follow the next steps to make the transaction.